Most common search terms- Update

Here is an update about the most common search engine terms used to view my blog:

Search Views
naked african tribes 63
african tribal dress 47
tall african tribes 33
african sunsets 28
african tribal woman 27
naked african tribe 27
african tribal breasts 25
how to write about africa 22
african tribal women 18
african breasts 17


Definitely not what I was hoping for, all of these wonderful stereotypical ideas of Africans. If you are one of these people that came upon my blog using these terms I’d love for you to comment on something. I would also love the obsession with African nakedness to be explained. In fact if you used African and naked, or some variation of this, in your search engine terms and you do not post a comment explaining why, my computer will infect yours with a virus. So please prepare your explanation, thanks.


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